Therapeutic properties of jasmine honey

Therapeutic properties of jasmine honey

Jasmine blossoms are accompanied by a delicate yet intense aroma.

The white flowers are not only fragrant, pleasing our sense of smell, but also give rare nectar, which turns into a unique product of beekeeping – jasmine honey. What is the wonder of this natural sweetness?

The special qualities of jasmine honey

If a honey lover happens to find such a rare delicacy of jasmine flowers, he will be able to fully experience all the versatility of taste and richness of flavor of the product. Jasmine honey is referred to as monofloral honey (i.e., harvested from a single species of plant). Only rarely are there continuous plantations of jasmine, from which bees can gather nectar without impurities, and hence the honey itself is an extremely rare guest on the shelves.

Usually, beekeepers offer honey that includes jasmine pollen along with other herbs. Even a drop of the jasmine ingredient gives honey a distinctive, recognizable smell and multi-layered flavor. You can feel the special notes in it, which are not characteristic of the meadow herb varieties that we are familiar with.

The appearance of the honey is also surprising. It resembles creamy cream of a faint yellowish hue or whipped cream honey. It is extremely rare to find darker-colored nectar, but it usually contains pollen of other crops, which gives such a rich tone.

The benefits of jasmine honey

Jasmine is not only an ornamental shrub but also a medicinal plant. The shrub is known for its antiseptic properties, its ability to act as an antidepressant and aphrodisiac. These qualities extend to derivative products such as honey. What other benefits can jasmine inflorescence honey provide?

  • Help with depression and anxiety. Nectar containing jasmine pollen can help the nervous system function and sparingly stimulate the production of hormones responsible for feelings of calm and security, joy, and happiness, such as the hormone serotonin.
  • Antiviral and antibacterial effects. A variety of acids in the composition of jasmine honey fights bacteria, which means that the effect of the product on the body during a sore throat or flu is invaluable.
  • Analgesic effect. Similar to the essential oil from the same plant, jasmine honey helps relieve pain. It is suitable for women who suffer from PMS and PMDD, as well as pregnant women who are preparing for an imminent birth. Of course, the use of folk remedies must be approved by the attending gynecologist and not interfere with traditional therapy.
  • Sedative property. A drink with honey is good for soothing and relieving tension, both muscular and moral. Drunk at night a glass of warm milk with a spoonful of jasmine honey will help you to sleep more soundly and recover during sleep.
  • Libido-stimulating properties. Jasmine is known as an aphrodisiac, and products based on it can indeed increase the sex drive. It is more effective, however, to use jasmine in oil form – in aromatherapy.
  • Cosmetic Benefits. Jasmine honey can be used in home beauty recipes. It can improve the situation with acne, dermatitis, irritations, and seasonally dry skin. Two spoonfuls of honey are diluted in warm water and wipe the face with it twice a day, or use the solution for patches and lotions.

Who should not use jasmine, honey?

Natural sweetness also has its contraindications. If you have an intolerance to bee products, you are prone to allergies to flowering, then you should use jasmine honey, as well as any other, with extreme caution. Focus on your reaction. If you eat a spoonful of honey, you do not feel burning in the mouth and on the skin, suffocation, do not observe redness and rash, then you can enjoy honey, observing the measure. If you notice any warning signs that can be associated with honey, stop using it.

Do not give honey to young children unless you are sure they are not allergic. When buying honey, be careful not to buy fake honey. When you try the real product and not a skillful sugar fake with a flavoring, you will get real pleasure and a new gastronomic experience.

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