woodpeckers headache

Scientists explained the lack of woodpeckers headache

Revealed the secret of the ability of this bird to not harm health, beaked powerful blows on a hard surface with an incredibly high speed.

The woodpecker’s beak can be compared to a perforator: to get insects out from under tree bark, a feathery forest dweller strikes them about twenty blows per second, and the organ’s speed before striking a tree is seven meters per second. At this time, the load on the skull exceeds the force of Earth’s gravity by a thousand times.

Scientists have found that the structure of the bones of the skull woodpecker is very different from other feathered chemical composition and density. In some of them accumulates a large number of minerals, which gives the bone tissue special strength and rigidity at a small thickness.

Also, the bones of the bird’s skull practically do not contain liquid, which separates the brain from the skull box. Specialists believe that this particular feature dampens brain vibrations, which allows you to gouge wood without harming it.

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