Monkeys took over Indian

Monkeys took over Indian village and evicted its inhabitants

About four hundred apes forced people to leave Narasapuram village.

The apes destroyed farmers’ crops and looted their homes. The incident was reported by the Internet publication Daily Mail.

15 years ago, looting wild animals were driven away from the city of Hyderabad, and deprived of the conquered territory, a horde of monkeys attacked the neighboring village of Narasapuram. About twenty local families left their homes and escaped the invasion on nearby farms, where they found jobs as laborers.

The head of the Narasapuram settlement, Varasa Shivarama Krishna, took control of the situation with the monkeys. On his initiative, the farmers, who had been deprived of their legal housing, were given 1500 rupees. With the money raised, specialists were hired to capture monkeys, who caught more than a hundred animals and released them into their natural habitat. This allowed the farmers to return to their homes.


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