A squirrel asked an American woman to help

A squirrel asked an American woman to help a baby squirrel

In Pulaski (Virginia, USA) an excited squirrel stood in the way of a woman and took her to her injured cub’s leg.

According to the Independent, this happened on September 20.

Tia Powell told police that a squirrel chased her from Kiwanis Park and pulled her leg and led her to a baby girl with an injured leg.

The woman could not help the animal herself. In addition, a cat was hiding nearby, ready to attack the squirrel family. Tia stayed with the small animals and called the police station and her friend Jasmine.

A spokeswoman said police officers who arrived on the call treated the injured baby’s paw, then worked with the women to help the furry rodents climb the tree where their nest was located.

Pulaski police praised Powell and called her “The Squirrel Whisperer”. “Kudos to Tiu and Jasmine! If Tia hadn’t trusted her instinct, it might have ended differently.”

There are six species of squirrels in Virginia, three subspecies of which are endangered.

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