A baby horse pony and a donkey

A baby horse pony and a donkey were born in the Tikhvin stables

The cub was born to a donkey mother and a Scottish pony father.

The girl was named Paulie, and now she is a local landmark in Tikhvin. Even from neighboring villages come to look at the ponkey.

Here no one even thought of breeding someone on purpose, they say so – it just turned out that way, and that’s all. His mane is long, black, and shiny. When he gallops – a real horse. She is calm and poised, waiting for him to walk. The donkey and the pony used to only walk together, but now they are parents.

The donkey’s ears are big, mom’s. The eyes are expressive, daddy’s. The hooves are common.

She is affectionately called Polly, daughter. Spoiled, as usual, spoiled children. From the outside, it is really an idyll. Her parents are nearby. Neighbors in the dormitory – mares, a team of mostly women, took Polly as her own. This is especially evident when all the herd goes out for a walk. The young family is taken in a circle, thereby protecting them from danger.

A casual affair of great love is the subject of discussion among neighbors. The curiosity is looked at and more and more reveled in. People of science have treated the appearance of the ponkey, as befits scientists, without much sighing or ahhh. In short, the animal is useless, possibly morbid, and it is even more correct to call it a horse.

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